Xubuntu 9.04 + Quick and Dirty VNC Remote Access

Xubuntu doesn’t come with the Remote Desktop screen you find in Ubuntu. All the VNC howtos (some which used to work) on the forums seem to come to nothing for me. I am happy to share directly via vnc over my LAN. Here is all I needed to do:

On the “remote” xubuntu machine

sudo apt-get install vino

vino-preferences (to get the screen – as mentioned above) up

Tick boxes as required, I tick the top two and then untick the next but require a password for access.

Add a startup item to Sessions and Startup -> Autostart


Reboot (or just start with the command above)

On the local “xubuntu” machine
(you may have other options here)

Install GRDC

sudo apt-get install grdc

Open up Grdc, enter the remote machine details and away you go. Response is a bit slow, but its the one that works!

I don’t need this very often, as I have become more adept at using ssh and ssh -X, but it is handy once in a while.

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