Xubuntu 9.04 Alt CD Installation

The Jaunty Jakalope has arrived, so I thought I would document my installation of the Xubuntu Alt CD version, which came down on the torrent earlier.

PC specs, Shuttle FN45 Mobo Athlon XP 1.4 overclocked to 1.9 with 1GB unmatched RAM, 250 GB HDD, multi booting with 8.10 and Arch

Start the Clock!


Boot up with the CD

Choose English, then press Enter for the default install of Xubuntu

Selected GB keyboard using defaults

Pick a name for your installation

Chose Manual partitioning (due to multi-boot environment) and went for Ext3 file system, and one partition for the whole install, but using the shared swap at the end of the drive.


Installing the base system


Set up a single user and password
(good to see Ubuntu has finally put in a check for weak passwords, but lets you have one nevertheless!)


Configuring apt / Scanning the mirror
(this always takes an age on my PCs, probably doesn’t help that I am torrenting the other 9.04 isos I need elsewhere on the LAN!)


Phew, finally, it takes so long you think the Pc has frozen, but be patient.
Select and install software

Done 60% after 10 minutes


Install GRUB Boot Loader

I like my grub from IBEX, so will install this GRUB to the install partition


Installation Complete

CD ejected, ready for reboot!

First Boot Times:

From Boot to Grub                   16.8 seconds

From Grub to GDM                   26.5 seconds

From Grub to Desktop             13.3 seconds

TOTAL                                      56.6 seconds

(A fully loaded Arch does this in 35 seconds, so given that the Boot to Grub time doesn’t change, Arch is still ahead on boot,something I was expecting to be faster on 9.04?)

Now it’s only been up a few hours and we already have 6 updates, all to do with Firefox.

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