Xubuntu 11.10 Volume Mute Button

Need a single key to mute sound on your Xubuntu 11.10?

nano .asoundrc


Paste the following:

pcm.pulse {

type pulse


ctl.pulse {

type pulse


pcm.!default {

type pulse


ctl.!default {

type pulse


and Save.

Now open Settings Manager, select Keyboard and click on the  Application Shortcuts tab.

Click on Add and enter the following command:

amixer  set Master toggle

and click OK.

Now press the F8 key, you will see this briefly appear in the dialog and then in the shortcut lists.

Get some audio going, and press the F8 key to Mute, then again to unMute.

One thought on “Xubuntu 11.10 Volume Mute Button

  1. Neat trick. However, would still be thrillin’ if developers could fix the bug that prevents the regular mute button on keyboard from working correctly; i.e. it mutes once but refuses to unmute on next press. Damn.

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