WordPress mods for this blog

Thought it might be useful simply to record the modifications made to the stock WordPress installation for this blog. This will be a work in progress as time goes by.

  1. Standard installation of v.3.4.2 to 1and1 server with php and MySql db
  2. Changed background colour, and general look from light to dark
  3. Changed display width in style.css from max-width 1000px to max-width 80%
  4. Custom header image of 1000×77
  5. Reduced header height in style.css; #site-title from 3.65625 to 1.65265 and #site-description from 3.65625 to 1.65625
  6. Created new page template for “Archives”
  7. Plugins:
    1. Akismet
    2. TM Replace Howdy
    3. WordPress Importer
    4. Fast Secure Contact Form
    5. Gallery Plugin by BWS
  8. Use searchreplacedb2 script to update blog when domain changed

  1. Created Custom Menu, pulling in categories and tags. To create menu items without a link, just use a “#” in the url box
  2. Widened the menu spacing, look for #access a in style.css and play with padding
  3. Tip as used in this post, start an ordered list from a different number: make thel ist then edit the html <ol> to <ol start=9>
  4. Added Contact page using “fast secure contact form” plugin
  5. Tip to prevent comments on a specific page or post: Select page/post and click edit, Click on Screen Options and check Discussion, Look at discussion options at bottom of page, uncheck “Allow Comments”
  6. Added Gallery plugin by BWS for photos and slideshows
  7. Tried image map on header image from image-maps.com, but this only works with a static width, so will keep looking….
  8. Reduced padding to menu text (#access a) down to 0.8125 from 1.2125 to allow for more menu entries if needed
  9. Adjusted the <pre> tag in style.css to put an orange box around code.
  10. Found a useful site for converting html code to viewable for posting in code tags: Postable

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