Upgraded SSD & HDD to Dell Precision M6500

My work laptop, a stonking power laptop, Dell Precision M6500 was in need of some more space, so I took it upon myself to upgrade the SSD (64GB) and HDD (240GB).

Purchased a Crucial M4 256GB SSD and a Western Digital 750GB HDD for the job.

Already had an ICYBox 2.5in SATA enclosure I could use for data transfer, and my trusty Clonezilla CD!

I ran a device to device transfer with clonezilla, first on the SSD and then on the HDD.

I exchanged the SSD first and booted up, all OK, then installed the new HDD and booted again. All worked fine, no complaints from W7. I had intended to do a fresh install of W7, but as this has all worked OK, I might just leave it for now and come back to that later. The important bit for me was to properly transfer the Dell Recovery partition, which contains all the Dell drivers and goodies to assist with setup.

Transfers took place over USB 2.0, the SSD to @ 20 minutes, the HDD @ 4 hours (it was full!)

With the extra space, I then set about installing Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, this went well, so now I can spend most of my time on linux at work, instead of  running windows 🙂

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