Metric Rat Site Upgrade

In the middle of moving the site, should be back up on Friday 16th November. Which it is, but all images and uploads missing, and all my categories are gone 🙁 . Will have to do these one by one. Categories now sorted, and a tag cloud created, and rescued all images and files from old site, just need to upload and re-link those now.

I am also about to move to a new domain so expect a bit of down time from this as well !


Of interest (?) I was importing the blog from 1and1 Blog, version 2.2.1. At first it would not import to this version 3.4.2, there was a missing entry regarding the wxr version in the exported xml file. Once I copied the required line

across the import went fine, apart from the media import. This was probably my fault as I move the blog before setting up this new one, and all the links may have been messed up. They aren’t even there on the backup 1and1 blog I set up. There was a warning about this from 1and1 but…..

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