Started using Ubuntu in Feb 2006, having been given a copy of a Hoary Hedgehog CD. Was pretty fed-up with Windows and the price of software, and was ready to try something different. Several previous attempts at Linux had ended in frustration, but this time things were different, Ubuntu offered a window to a real working environment, and the chance to get everything working.Well, it only took 13 months to get all my hardware going, and to satisfy all software requirements. Worked through Dapper 6.061 and currently on a highly modified Edgy 6.10. Have Feisty 7.04 installed at work and as a server at home. Also run an Edubuntu 6.06 as a server and LTSP server so everyone at home has access to everything, and can login as a client to terminal services if needed.

This site is a recap and work in progress, much of which can be found on www.ubuntuforums.org, which has to be the best support forum for an OS on the planet!

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