Ubuntu – hardware – ITE IT8212 ATA Raid Controller card

This card has a bad press on ubuntu, but with a little bit of effort, you can get it working fine, well, at least in terms of setting up an additional 4 IDE devices. This hardware install was done on a 7.04 command line only server installation, updated. Bought on eBay for £2 from Hong Kong, significantly extends the storage capacity of your server/pc, if your power supply can handle it!

Physical installation – insert the card in your PC as high up the PCI slots as possible, preferably the first one, the card likes to be on pole position! On my mobo it is snuggled up under the AGP.

Ensure you plug in at least one hard drive (for IDE) or at least two if you are setting up RAID. Set up the power connectors properly, and ensure your added HDD is getting power. ( I only say this as I had my new HDD daisy-chained on the end, and it wouldn’t power up, moving it further up the daisy-chain ensured that it did).

Reboot the PC, and you should get a different looking boot sequence, as the ITE bios takes over. If you get a firmware out of date message, that means there is no power to the HDD! You should see your new HDD listed. Now press CTRL+F or CTRL+E to enter setup.

I got a nice orange setup screen. 🙂 Select Autoconfiguration from the list and then tab/arrow through the choices until you get to IDE .

Reboot and use Parted Magic to format new drive (or your favourite tool for this)

Save out and reboot. Run an sudo fdisk -l command, and you should see your new drive listed; mine was dev/sda1 (is seen as scsi?). You can now carry out normal file operations with the drive to mount/set permissions etc.

From googling it seems that RAID doesn’t go so well on Feisty; a missing/borked driver, but if you just need IDE access, which frankly is much easier to manage, then you are good to go. Apparently the kernel drive for RAID is OK in Dapper and Edgy. I’ll try RAID one day 🙂
Link to ITE site for firmware and software downloads, along with manuals here

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