Two Servers Into One

For the last couple of years I have had two boxes running out in the garage providing up a variety of services to the rest of the house, and “the world”. Mostly used though for a storage repository.

Services running on Box1:

Ubuntu Fiesty
nfs sharing

Services running on Box 2

Ubuntu Fiesty
nfs sharing
virtualbox headless

I had eight hard drives in these two boxes, but some of the smaller ones were not in use, and also, due to not updating regularly Fiesty was now refusing to update on both machines.

Time for some rationalisation, so decided to cram everything into one box.

Box 2 seemed the one to go for, given that I had an IDE controller card in there, to allow for 4 x HDDs and a CDrom.

Did some fancy work on the partitions of the key drive in preparation for a fresh install of Jaunty, and shunted loads of data about (Music/Video and back ups from other PCs in the house). That which I could move immediately I saved for later to do across the network.

Jaunty Xubuntu install went fine (I do a full desktop install as this cuts down on dependency hell later on for things like virtualbox, but alos provides a desktop / vnc experience when I am feeling lazy! I usually log out of the desktop and kill gdm when not working on the server with gui)

Services installed:

gnump3d – just the best browser accessed music sharing server, now out of the Ubuntu repos, unbelievably!
nfs – the easiest way to share files on a linux network
samba – for my kids who won’t use linux ( I resisted samba like the plague for over two years, but this howto has redeemed it, IMHO!)
ssh – for command line access
screen – for running things when logged out
virtualbox – to run an XP for access via rdesktop
aria2 – command line file downloader
mplayer/mencoderfor encoding of TV programs as described here
moc – I have hooked up some speakers so I can listen to music in the garage when working on cars/boats etc
mc – command line file management
ushare – for upnp file sharing to GeexBox(this is brilliant!) and XBox(this is rubbish!)
vsftpd – ftp server for when I need one, directed at none media files 🙂
fail2ban – helps to cut down/protect ssh from outside attack
transmission – its there if I need a torrent/ want to seed, fortunately it runs in command line mode too, but aria2 can cope with torrents too

I have opened up a couple of ports on the router to allow external access, so I can get at things from work / elsewhere.

This was chugging away fine until we went away for a week. I switched the box off. On booting up when we came back, the IDE controller refused to work. So I had to unplug the cdrom, and go master/slave with the four drives. This is only annoying when its time to use a CD/DVD!

The Box?

Foxconn motherboard
AMD 1.4 mhz single core processor
RAM 1.5 gb
HDD Hitchi 500gb / Samsung 400gb / Samsung 250gb / Maxtor 160gb All PATA

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