Top Ten Best Linux Distros?

KMandla’s been getting all hot under the collar about Tech Radar’s distro list, so I thought I would have a go:

  1. Xubuntu 10.04 LTS / 10.10
  2. Ubuntu ALT-CD Command Line Installation with Openbox Window Manager
  3. SLiTaZ 3.0
  4. PartedMagic 5.0
  5. Arch Linux
  6. Puppy Linux 5
  7. Crunchbang Linux
  8. XBMC Live
  9. Clonezilla
  10. Struggling here; a toss up between Mint, UNR and Windows 7 🙂

No place for Tiny Core Linux, but there, it gets a mention.

I do have modern PC hardware 😉

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