CSS3 Only Spinner Full Page Solution

Everybody’s doing it! Just search for CSS3 spinner on the intererweb or visit codepen.io and you will find a variety of spinners. One thing that they all seem to have in common is that they don’t give you the complete solution, i.e. how to make the darn thing run on a web page and disappear when you want it to. This post seeks to address this, along with the sister post about a loading image spinner. Right down to business! Continue reading

CSS3 Only Spinner Image Solution

As you may have seen from my other post CSS3 Only Spinner Full Page Solution, everyone is good at making spinners and putting up demos, but hardly anyone publishes the full solution on how to make it work. Attempt to put that right here. Admittedly there are many many ways to do this, I went for the quickest and easiest. Scenario: you want to display a high quality image on your web page, this will take some time to load, and you want to show a spinner while it loads. I will use a div as a placeholder for the spinner and the image. These are made the same size so that when the image has loaded it completely covers the spinner. I used the z-index property to ensure that the image overlayed the spinner. There is no javascript in this one, just CSS. Continue reading

Fullscreen Browser Slideshow with Clock

I have a penchant for making full screen slideshows with a clock on them


This time around I looked to make one up to run on a slghtly higher specced machine, running a GUI, but in a web browser, using php and javascript. The eventual target was an OS called Webconverger because of its ability to just fire up and present in this way. Continue reading

Webconverger Customisations

I need to write up the top of this post about Webconverger, but have been busy figuring out all the useful options for it. In simple terms, its a locked down bootable kiosk. Very clever, works on 486 and 686-pae machines. Also here so I can browse this whilst booted into webconverger 😉

http://webconverger.org Continue reading

Backup Email with imap using NoPriv.py

Got got to rave about this little python script from Remy.

Feed it your mail server imap details along with the folder you want to back up, it will then do two cool things:

1. Back up your email to a maildir so that you can restore it if you need to
2. Create an html repository of all the emails you backed up, including attachments

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HTML Auto Slideshow using Javascript and php with dynamically generated array of Images

Another holy grail for me, to be able to just add images to a directory and have the slideshow automatically pick them up and display them withoput having to edit html /javascript code. Most scripts I had found for an html slideshow required the array created inside the script, this way you use php to generate the array and then the javascript runs with it. Only downside is you will need php up and running, but most web servers online have this by default now.

My blog is a bit broken at the moment so will have to link the files to Ubuntuforums


  1. Images will be shown at their actual size, so you may need to add some html code to the tag in the to restrict the images size.
  2. On your server, go to the place where you want the html file to be and upload the index.html file there, then create a sub-directory called pics and upload the getimages.php file to the pics directory.
  3. Next upload all your images to the pics directory.
  4. Done.

Acknowledgements to all the clever people who wrote the original scripts and files

Auto Web Page Changer using iframe

Oh I like this. In seeking to setup a rolling web browser display display at work, I came upon this small but very clever bit of javascript, which on a timer will change the web page being viewed inside an iframe. Just edit the defaults to you preferred pages and timings and away you go:

 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
<title>Changing Pages… Please Wait</title>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var frames = Array(‘http://www.google.com/’, 15,
‘http://www.yahoo.com/’, 15,
‘http://www.ask.com/’, 15,
‘http://www.dogpile.com/’, 15);
var i = 0, len = frames.length;
function ChangeSrc()
if (i >= len) { i = 0; } // start over
document.getElementById(‘frame’).src = frames[i++];
setTimeout(‘ChangeSrc()’, (frames[i++]*1000));
window.onload = ChangeSrc;
<iframe src=”” name=”frame” id=”frame” width=”100%” height=”100%”></iframe>

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PS2 Eyetoy Webcam on Xubuntu 10.10 Recording and Playback

More fun to be had with your PS2 eyetoy as webcam. This all was tested using the silver eyetoy, but I see no reason why the black one won’t function just the same.
(Remember this is without pulseaudio!)
(a copy of the post I made on Ubuntuforums)
Recording Sound:

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