Startup Genymotion from CLI, resize and move it

My OpenGL for my graphics has been broken for a few weeks, and I have been missing using Genymotion for my AppInventor emulator. Finally fixed the graphics (another story) and Genymotion working once again. Would like a working environment on just one desktop, so need to resize the stock setup for Genymotion and move it over to the right. Here is a little bash script that does the lot: Continue reading

Virtualbox Fullscreen Greyed

Every now and then I have a problem after installing a new OS in virtualbox. All goes well until I head for fullscreen (RCTL+F)

It goes fullscreen, it works but the screen is greyed over, to @ half the brightness. Others have reported a black screen.


Go in to the Settings > User Interface section of your VM from the Virtualbox main screen

Untick Mini Toolbar and Save

Fullscreen should now work 🙂

W7 to W10 – virtually ;)

Note: Valid at 01/08/2015

When I first got my new desktop machine a couple of years ago, I was a little wary of Windows 8, so I did a dual install of Windows 7 Pro (OEM) as well. Given Xubuntu is my weapon of choice, I had a triple booting machine in the end. Once I sorted Windows 8 out I never went near my Windows 7 install. With the arrival of Windows 10 a few days ago, and with the offer of a free upgrade from Windows 7, it didn’t make much sense to have two installs of the same OS running directly, I therefore looked into virtualising my Windows 7, to then upgrade it to Windows 10, which I could then access directly from within Xubuntu, should I need it. Continue reading

HOWTO: Gracefully Shutdown VirtualBox VMs on Reboot or Shutdown of Ubuntu

I always forget I have a GUI virtual machine open when I go to shutdown, usually because it is on another desktop, out of sight. This howto will show you how to avoid the same thing, and to put any VMs you have open into a saved state, ready for a quick start up next time.

Before we go any further… Continue reading

Ubuntu – Creating Host Interface Networking for VirtualBox

Now VirtualBox 2.1 is out host interface networking is a simple affair, however you can still set it up manually by following this howto if you wish

I have had a big struggle get host interface networking going on my main PC (Edgy), on a command line server (both wired) and for my laptop at work and home (wireless). Following the VirtualBox Help file example meant a borked Nautilus and other networking things dying, plus I had no two way connectivity and a lost connection for my host machine. Continue reading