Nearly Everything

So new PC, i5 core 4670K, 4gb ram, Nvidia GTX 650, Triple Boot of W8, W7 and Xubuntu 12.04.3

W8 everything works except for DVB Stick

Xubuntu everything works except for Eyetoy webcam and DVB stick sometimes

W7 everything works

Shame as Eyetoy and DVB used to work fine on last system with 12.04

I just flick betwen the three of them depending on what is needed, and a boot to W7 then a reboot to Xubuntu makes the DVB work

Come on everyone!!

Xubuntu Bluetooth – blueman – automatic device connection (audio+headset)

bluemanThis had me flummoxed for a while, if I wanted my HTC ONE-X or Jabra Clipper to connect to the PC, I always had to go into devices and then select audio sink before it would connect, this is having previously paired and trusted the devices.

A foray into /etc/bluetooth/ showed all the .conf files for bluetooth, including audio.conf.

In there is a setting for auto-connection. All you have to do is remove the comment from the last line of the coda, save out then restart bluetooth, and your devices should automagically connect next time you try


This is going to be of great help when using bluetooth headphones on our htpc, and also with my carpc for either connecting the phone to the car, or for other bluetooth uses (yet to be discovered but keyboard or remote possibilities)

Fixing USB Remountable Devices in Minimal CLI Installations

┬áKeep meaning to log this here, as I seem to have to do it every time I do a command line installation. For some reason, USB devices – flash drives, USB hard drives etc, refuse to mount, even with Thunar and volman installed. A repair is required to the PolicyKIt.conf as follows:

sudo nano /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf

and add the following lines in between the <config> tags:

<match action=””>
<return result=”yes” />

You will possibly need a reboot to get this working right.

Now your USB devices should automount correctly