GAS – Restore Data Validation

A downside with GAS spreadsheets is the inability to share them and properly protect them at the same time, whilst remaining usable by an end user. So if I want an “unknown” and “untrusted” user to access the sheet and select from dropdowns etc., i must give them editing rights.

This example shows how to check and restore a cell validation each time the sheet is opened. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

My PCSpecialist custom build desktop machine has been sat on my desk for @ 2 years, and starting to get a bit noisy, so time for a spring clean.

Sides off, graphics card out, CPU cooling fan off, case fan off. Left PSU in place.

Crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner, and old camera lens brush, loads of dust/human cells! Used a straw on the end of the crevice tool for awkward corners.

All back together and quiet as a mouse.

MG Midget Mark 1 1962 – The background

I have had the MG since 1979, passed onto me by my brother. It iahs had a history with the family from new; first owned by my uncle’s nephew, who crashed it into a tree. My uncle and his next door neighbour, who I happened to bump into some 20 years later at an MG meet (whilst telling this tale!), rebuilt it, and it eventually found its way to my brother, who had it stored at the bottom of the garden for a couple of years. The thing had practically rusted away by the time I got it, sills flapping in the wind and four bald tyres (those were the days), so I took it off the road and commenced on a rebuild.

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