Automate Printing of Completed Google Form

I need to write this up before I forget what I did!

This is quite complex and draws on several resources. Why do this? Because in my organisation many have not/cannot move to online systems, we do not have the resources (e.g. tablets/laptops), or what we need is not yet written/ready, so whilst we can easily input data with google forms, we still need a paper copy in order to act on the contents and record actions. In addition this gets the data into a digital format we can work with (on the google sheet), making it easier to work with and interrogate later, without having to input it from the paper form. Continue reading

Fullscreen Browser Slideshow with Clock

I have a penchant for making full screen slideshows with a clock on them


This time around I looked to make one up to run on a slghtly higher specced machine, running a GUI, but in a web browser, using php and javascript. The eventual target was an OS called Webconverger because of its ability to just fire up and present in this way. Continue reading

Wireless Fix for Samsung Ultrabook NP530U3C-A09UK

Bought this little ultrabook, an i3 core, for the wife, has W8 on board and a great little machine, except for the fact the wireless kept dropping out every time I/she used it and required significant fiddling to get it working again, only for it to drop out again.

Checking online found many people with the same problem, given that Samsung ultrabook all have the same wireless card, an Intel Centrino Advanced-n 6235.

My router was kicking out DHCP and WPA2-Personal

So how to fix:

  1. Went to the Intel site and download the very latest drivers
  2. In Settings for the card, changed from AES to TKIP encryption

Connection is immediate and solid now 🙂


Webconverger Customisations

I need to write up the top of this post about Webconverger, but have been busy figuring out all the useful options for it. In simple terms, its a locked down bootable kiosk. Very clever, works on 486 and 686-pae machines. Also here so I can browse this whilst booted into webconverger 😉 Continue reading

Backup Email with imap using

Got got to rave about this little python script from Remy.

Feed it your mail server imap details along with the folder you want to back up, it will then do two cool things:

1. Back up your email to a maildir so that you can restore it if you need to
2. Create an html repository of all the emails you backed up, including attachments

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Home Hub 3 & BT Infinity

At long last super fast broadband has come to our location, so I bit the bullet and went with BT, following a long relationship with Zen, who did offer the service but were just too damned expensive.

The engineer from Openreach appeared on Friday and within the hour I was connected up. The online calculator offered 36 down and 6 up, but immediate experience showed somewhere between 12 & 22 down and 3up, still a vast improvement on 1 down and 0.25 up 😉 Was able to do in minutes what previously took hours. I hadn’t expected great things in terms of speed. Given I was paying the same price for 1mb any improvement was worth the switch.

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