Replacing the Final Stage (Blower) Resistor on a L322 Range Rover (MkIII) 2002

Much written and said about this, but could I find any photo tutorials? No. Also, much of the information is incomplete, leading to confusion on my part when the time came to do it. So here we go.

Haven’t really got hands on with the new Range Rover, was quite happy dismantling stuff on the P38 so was time to get stuck in on the L322 at last and start saving a few pennies at the stealer.

One day, the fans stopped working on Big Bob. All the lights were working, and there was some heat, but nothing blowing. So a quick search on the internet revealed that the final stage resistor (FSR) or fan motor resistor unit was to blame, or at least this was the first best thing to try before it became a case of having the whole inside of the car removed to sort the problem. There were several write ups on the net about how to do it so a trip to eBay found me the required part, and I set to one Friday evening.

You can experience a wide range of symptoms from the FSR going belly up: no fans, fans all the time, battery drain, but the most likely cause of all of these is a dodgy FSR.

This howto is for a UK spec Right Hand Drive car. Continue reading