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Here is a nice little bash script that will keep repeating the same video over and over. I guess with a bit more work you could have more than one. In this case I used test.mp4 as the video, and as it was only 2 minutes long set a sleep time of 90 seconds. Amend these two parameters to suit

3 thoughts on “Rolling Video Player

  1. What’s the purpose of this script? I thought it would be useful to play short mp4s in the same way animated gifs loop. MP4s don’t allow looping to be integrated into the file though most video players have a loop setting that can be used and browsers as well. I tried this script out with a Thunar Custom Action and the video keeps popping up every 90 seconds and I can’t get it to stop. I think I’ll have to restart my laptop.

    • Hi Daniel

      Well, as you have seen, the script is setup to keep repeating the set video. This is what you are seeing. I guess if your clip is less than 90 seconds you will get this behaviour. Try reducing the 90 seconds to less than the length of the video, you should then get a continuous loop. At least I think that is how it works!

      • And here is a simpler approach

        mplayer -loop 0 my_file.mp4

        for fullscreen add -fs

        mplayer -loop 0 -fs my_file.mp4

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