Open Source & Freeware List for Windows 7 & 8 Feb 2014

I ran a post a couple of years ago on open source / freeware software for my Windows PC, on re-reading it needs an update so here you go:

Ready now:
LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Impression, Draw, Base, pdf export)
Filezilla (ftp client)
Firefox (browser)
Chrome (browser)
VLC (media player and DVB-T player if you have tv card)
Peazip (archiver / unarchiver)
CC Cleaner (clean up tool)
Photofiltre (photo editing)
Irfanview (photo editing and organising)
Audacity (audio recording and editing)
GiMP (image editing and so much more)
Inkscape (vector imaging, and so much more!)
XBMC (home theatre pc)
Skype (keyboard, voice or video chat)
Geany (syntaxed text editor)
Virtualbox (virtual machines)
VMWare Player (virtual machines)
Burnaware (CD/DVD burner)
ImgBurn (CD/DVD burner)
Simple Backup (front end for rsync for backing up)
puTTY (windows ssh client)
windowscp (windows scp client)
Adobe Acrobat (pdf viewer, and more)
Cute PDF (PDF “Printer”)
Transmission-qt (torrent client)
Sketchup (3d modeller)
Classic Shell (replacement start menu, mainly for W8, but can be used on W7)
AVG Free (anti-virus)
Get-iplayer (downloads iplayer content)
WinFF (ffmpeg video converter)

Cloud Stuff:
Google Account

Others: (means I haven’t tried them but should be good)
AutoHotKeys (automates actions)
Flexible Renamer (renames files; never found anything better than Thunar for this)
LibreCAD (2D CAD program)

Waiting for:

There are tons of little utilities, but seek and ye shall find 😉

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