More PDF Fun – Cropping PDFs

When printing out postage labels for eBay sales, I wanted to make an A4 sized landscape print out, as opposed to the A5 sized default. I could usually switch to Windows and use my Acrobat Pro to do this, but wanted a linux way! Enter pdfcrop.

PDFCrop is a part of texlive-extra-utils, so it does drag a lot of dependencies and other stuff with it on install, but it is worth it.

sudo apt-get install texlive-extra-utils

Usage: default behaviour without any parameters is to crop away all the white space around the text or images on the pdf

pdfcrop input.pdf

If you want some margin around the content then for left,top,right,bottom do something like this:

pdfcrop --margins '10 10 10 10' input.pdf output.pdf

To crop into the content use negative values

pdfcrop --margins '-10 -10 -10 -10' input.pdf output.pdf

Will only crop a single pdf file, but you can script to crop multiple files


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