Meld – saved me from myself!

Meld is a file/directory differencing programming (with GUI). (in the repos)

I was under orders to put together a new website for my work, and didn’t want to pay out for web designers, so I turned to Drupal 7 for the first time and had a play. Over the last couple of months, in bits of spare time, I tinkered and fiddled, setting up home pages, news pages, forums, sidebars and menus, getting the theme right. Lots of good help from the community, but ignoring all guidance about not fiddling with the “core”.

Anyway I got to a position where I could go “live”, so reorganised the domain forwardings, adjusted a few absolute link references and we were off. At this point my sysadmin brain kicked in (it’s very small :)). Back it up? What if Drupal updates overwrite all my work so far?

So I ftp’d a copy of the drupal folders down to my machine, and saved out a copy of the MySQL database using phpmyadmin. A good start, but what about all the changes I had made? Introducing Meld.

Just open it up, point it at the two directories you want to compare, and let it rip. Amazing. It identifies and highlights all the differences between the two folders (including sub directories) or files.

A folder view

Meld Directory Compare

A file view

Meld File Compare

So with this tool I am now able to document all the changes I made to the “core”, and recover if and when I update Drupal or any installed modules. By the way, Drupal is a huge leap forward and a great website/blog/forum website builder.

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