Linux Nirvana – A webcam that actually works on my PC (also with Skype)

It’s been a long time coming, over three and one half years, but I can finally put all the hardware in the house to good use and use my PC (internet wise) as I was using Windows. And using a Sony Playstation Eyetoy to boot!

From my post on ubuntuforums, here is how to get the eyetoy working with Skype:

Close Skype before continuing.

Using K/X/Ubuntu 9.04 +, the gspca module in the kernel will run the eyetoy cam as a webcam, but to use it under Skype, and to prevent the pink and green horizontal lines, you need to edit the config file. This is tucked away in your home directory:


where user is your login, and skype-user is your skype login

If you are the cautious type, back up this file first:

cp /home/user/.Skype/skype-user/config.xml /home/user/.Skype/skype-user/config.xml.bak

Open up the config.xml file in your text editor, and browse down through the file, you should find a <Video>…</Video> section.Add the following:


Mine looks like this:


Start up Skype and head for video settings to select and test.

You can also select the Eyetoy Microphone to use, you may need to play around with your main sound settings to get this working. I had to change from Mic2 to Mic1 in Sound Settings / Mixer, and of course chose eyetoy microphone in audio settings in Skype

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