HTML Auto Slideshow using Javascript and php with dynamically generated array of Images

Another holy grail for me, to be able to just add images to a directory and have the slideshow automatically pick them up and display them withoput having to edit html /javascript code. Most scripts I had found for an html slideshow required the array created inside the script, this way you use php to generate the array and then the javascript runs with it. Only downside is you will need php up and running, but most web servers online have this by default now.

My blog is a bit broken at the moment so will have to link the files to Ubuntuforums

  1. Images will be shown at their actual size, so you may need to add some html code to the tag in the to restrict the images size.
  2. On your server, go to the place where you want the html file to be and upload the index.html file there, then create a sub-directory called pics and upload the getimages.php file to the pics directory.
  3. Next upload all your images to the pics directory.
  4. Done.

Acknowledgements to all the clever people who wrote the original scripts and files

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