How to remux an avi with the right audio language track using MPlayer/Mencoder

MPlayer and Mencoder to the rescue again!

I downloaded a movie the other night which was advertised as having both Spanish and English soundtracks. I had found films like this before, but English had always been the first audio track, so had never been a problem. On this occasion, Spanish was the first audio track. I didn’t want to have to fiddle around with Geexbox getting the right language playing, so needed to sort this out, so that English was the audio track that played. I wasn’t too bothered about dropping the Spanish soundtrack.

Four “simple” steps.

  1. Confirm the aid number of the English language track. Running the video with mplayer in verbose mode produced enough information to find this easily, as track 2
    • mplayer -v inputvideo.avi
  2. Extract the english audio track from the avifile
    • mplayer -aid 2 -dumpaudio -dumpfile englishaudio.mp3  inputvideo.avi
  3. Copy the video track out without any sound
    • mencoder -ovc copy -nosound -o soundlessvideo.avi  inputvideo.avi
  4. Stick the soundless video and the English audio track back together
    • mencoder -ovc copy soundlessvideo.avi -oac copy -audiofile englishaudio.mp3  -o newvideo.avi

No encoding or transcoding going on, just demuxing and remuxing of the right parts. Apparently the use of -nosound can cause a/v sync issues, but in this case a/v sync was fine all the way through.

Found another way too, as doing the above with ac3 sound doesn’t sync well at all. Simply re-encode the audio and output to a new file:

mencoder -ovc copy  -oac mp3lame aid 2 inputfile.avi -o outputfile.avi

or to simply grab the second audio stream without encoding

mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy aid 2 inputfile.avi -o outputfile.avi

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