Google Visualization Table with Modal on Selection

Couldn’t find anything on this, other than a post about angular.js, so had a go at displaying a modal popup after making a row selection on a google visualization table. I had already got to grips with creating modals and used the code provided by W3-Modal.css, so I simply had to put the pieces together. I used the spreadsheet query method for generating data, if done using a google apps script, it is possible (see other posts) to keep the spreadsheet private. I also used the W3.css file for formatting and layout.

The html page created to do all of this is well commented and you can see the results using the demo after the code.

Demo – Open in Browser

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that I randomly get “undefined” in the modal, doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. Probably requires a clear down event to empty things out ready for the next one, or perhaps a “ready” function ?

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