Google Calendar – Add recurring event for “last Friday of each month”

It is not obvious how to do this, you have to use Google “magic”.

Let us say we want to hold a meeting on the last Friday of each month. Using the normal repeating options does not allow for this and will only offer the “fourth Friday each month”, thus missing out the several occasions in the year when there is a fifth Friday in the month

To achieve our goal do as follows:

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Go to the first date on which you want the event to start (e.g. if setting up for the year, 27th January 2017)
  • Click on the day to create a new event
  • In the Pop up, type as follows:My Event,last Friday of every month,All Day
  • Click OK

Check your new repeating event

If you want to set specific times, replace “All Day” with e.g. “11:00-12:00”

Of course it doesn’t have to be a Friday, you can use this for any day of the week, or for any position, so replace last with first,second, third, fourth etc.

2 thoughts on “Google Calendar – Add recurring event for “last Friday of each month”

  1. Hello Metric Rat. Thanks for this post, this really helped me. I was looking for this kind of solution since many years. But this worked flawlessly.

  2. Ok this is close to what I’m looking for but my issue is one step more complex.
    I want to mark my paydays on my calendar but we are paid on the thursday BEFORE the last friday of each month, IE if the last day of the month IS thursday we would be paid the week before.
    Is there a way to handle this?

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