Goodbye Awesome Tables :(

It was all going so well… Having found Awesome Tables in 2016, the creation of tables , charts and graphs suddenly became simple and straight-forward, and made me look cool in front of my colleagues ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I started checking the view stats, in November last we hit 926 views! Guess what happens when you (routinely) hit 1000 views, regardless of the number of different tables, and any within the same domain? Awesome Tables slaps a ยฃ5000 per annum fee on your usage!

My educational not-for-profit organisation was not going to stump up for that, no way, no how. I needed a solution, and alternative. I knew that Awesome used javascript and Google Visualizations / Chartsย on its back end (not forgetting the html and css), I therefore decided to apply myself to the somewhat steep learning curve of google charts/visualizations.

2 months of grinding away at the syntax and code has finally borne fruit, and i have been able to convert over 30 “awesome” tables to tables or graphs created directly with google visualizations and javascript. For the most part I had tables, so once one was done I could easily reuse the code. it is all the fiddly bits around the edges, formatting, querying etc. that takes the time. Much thanks to all on stackoverflow and google groups support forums, especially asgallant and WhiteHat, who know so much.

Having done much of the work using the query language to pull in data, I realised that i needed another method, because I was possibly going to expose confidential data to the interweb. This set me back a bit and I had to rework @ 12 tables, but got there in the end. The different methods can be found here

For the most part I set out to emulate with Google Charts what I was doing with Awesome, but discovered along the way that I could push the boundaries further and do things that Awesome couldn’t do. Don’t get me wrong, the work Roman Vaillard and his team have done is excellent, but their pricing model is all wrong.

I have two awesome tables left now, and halfway through February I am on only 40 views. Sorry Awesome – still hoping Google buy you up so that you are rewarded for your efforts, and give your work back for free ๐Ÿ™‚

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