Fix Windows 7 when stuck at “Starting Windows”

OK, I dual boot W7 Home Premium and Xubuntu 10.04. I also like to try out various live cds, boot cds and so on.

Every now and then, when I boot to W7, it gets stuck at the “Starting Windows” splash screen, pretty glowing colours but thats it. If I start up in safe mode it gets as far as classpnp.sys and then just hangs.

So I boot back into Xubuntu and open up Gparted; to find that the W7 partition has become hidden (this is probably my fault for fiddling about :))

To fix, unmount W7 partition, and then Manage Flags and untick the “hidden” flag, then reboot into W7.

If you are not dual booting, you can use any Ubuntu Live CD or Parted-Magic Live CD, or there are paid for Live CDs that will do a similar thing.

There is another method if this doesn’t work (or “hidden”) isn’t the problem.

1. Boot windows but press F8 to get up the recovery menu, and choose “Repair Windows

2. Login in as an Administrator (your own account will do if that type of account)

3. You eventually get some menu choices, pick Command Prompt

4. Type dism /online/get-packages
(If that doesn’t work try dism image:c: /get-packages)

5. You should get a list of the updates installed. Find the most recent one and write down the full filename

Filenames look something like this:

6. Then run: dism /online/remove-package /PackageName:nameof package
(Again, if that doesn’t work, try dism /image:c:/remove-package /PackageName:name of package

7. Reboot PC

8. If you still have a problem, perform this procedure again, removing the latest package, until you find the one that causes the problem

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