ffmpeg – make a time lapse video from a video

So you have a video that goes on a bit, why not make a time lapse video of it?

For this example I will take a video, extract 1 frame per second from it, and create a new video running at 25 frames per second. If your original video was 1 hour long, the new video would be only 2 minutes 20 seconds in length. You lose the original sound, but you can add a soundtrack back later if you want.

Grab all the frames from the original video (for a 1 hour video this will create @ 3600 images):

Mux back to a video:

Add audio track (mp3) to output video:

There are many options for ffmpeg you can apply to both the video and audio, but here are the basics

2 thoughts on “ffmpeg – make a time lapse video from a video

    • So I did. Fixed now. Also added a 6 > img-%6d.jpeg > which should allow for long videos to give correct sequence when loading back into a video

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