Digital Slideshow and Clock – Conky / Lua


It is a disgrace really! I have has this running on an ancient laptop for over three years non stop, and not written it up, even failed to write it up on #! Crunchbang forums, where I got all the help from mrpeachy, Sector11, dk75 and others. Time to put that to rights. What is different about this “one”, you ask? Well, we have two conkys running, they are both in the background, so you still have a fully functional PC if you want to use it, you get sexy rounded corners on your image and a nice big digital purple clock.

Target machine a Dell Cpt-333 laptop using a Compact Flash adapter for HDD and with max 192mb of RAM

OS: used minimal Ubuntu and then install X and Openbox. You will also need to install xscreensaver, cairo, conky and lua.

Packages needed: Lua / Conky

Files required:

a script in ~/.config/openbox/autostart
two conkys (conkyrc’s)
two lua scripts
a bunch of images in ~/Pictures


enable autologin
prevent screen blanking
prevent cursor
(for this laptop, set switch on/shutdown timer in bios)

Autostart Script

create a new file in in your home directory called
add the following to it:

and save, and then make it executable

now head in to ~/.config/openbox. If these are not there, create them!

create a file called autostart
and add the following to it:

(replace metricrat with the name of your user). You will note we have lots of stuff in there to prevent all the screen blanking and cursor as well.

Now head back to your home directory and we will create the two conkys, one for the image display and one for the clock.

create new file called .conkyrc-clock and enter the following to it:

now we need to create the lua file in indicated above: draw_bg.lua and add the following:

create a file called .conkyrc-images and add the following:

now create the file imgshow.lua and add the following:

You will see I have limited the number of images to 30, you can have as many as you like. You will also see that they are numbered, you will need to rename your images to numbers for this to work. You will also note that there is a respective text file for each image. you must create these text files, they can contain content that will be displayed with the image. If left empty, no text will be displayed.

Nearly there, we just have to ensure auto login:

edit lightdm.conf and make the following changes

sort out the screensaver

open xscreensaver and disable the screensaver


Should be all done now, reboot and after a brief wait at a grey screen, your slideshow and clock should start

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