Dell Latitude Cpt 333 – Finally settled on a distro

In my last writings you will have seen that I was trying out SLiTaz on my old Dell laptop with its 4GB hard drive, but following investigations in to terminal based applications I decided to head back to an ubuntu base. The main reason for this was that I had started of on ubuntu when really getting into linux, and was comfortable with the operational environment, plus the ease of package installation using apt or synaptic. So the hard drive was wiped again and a command line install of xubuntu 8.10 commenced. Following this I did install two graphical desktop environments, my old friends openbox and xfce, which are both pretty zippy, but the main aim was to try to use the command line as much as possible. For this I followed KMandla’s software guide and used dvtm, moc, mc, calcurse, htop and elinks. Of course, these are all available in the ubuntu repositories but I have linked to their home sites for info purposes.

Even with a graphical desktop running, htop is reporting @ 40mb RAM in use, of my 192mb (upgraded from the original 128mb) . Because the laptop uses Neomagic sound and graphics drivers there are some trouble with Alsa when running a graphical desktop, but these are normally ironed out by installing plenty of *-dev packages. If you get the same problem, try running things as root first, this normally gets things going.

I also decided to sort out, once and for all, the running of my Netgear WG111v2 USB adapter, even though by using it it blocks my one and only USB 1.0 port, and bearing in mind the battry only lasts about 20 minutes! This is how I did it.

So unless something truly speedy and new based on ubuntu comes along, I am going to stick with this setup, and will continue to explore the world of terminal based applications.

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