Customise xfce4-screenshooter (ScreenShot)

In seeking to help someone out on ubuntuforums, I learned that one could customise the way screen shot worked. The normal practice is to hit PrtSc and then be offered some options, or to hit ALT+PrtSc if you just want the window.

Most of the time I want to grab a particular part of the screen and then edit it in gimp.

This can be achieved by editing the application keyboard shortcut for xfce4-screenshooter. There are various options for screenshooter:

-r  to select a region of the screen before taking a screen shot

-o to directly open an image editing program once the screen shot is taken

-w to screenshoot the active window

-f to screen shoot the entire screen

There are others, you should find the help file here:

So for me I wanted to select a region then open that up in gimp. I open up
Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts and find the one assigned to “Print“.

Double click on this then you can edit the command, mine looks like this:

Now when I press PrtSc I am offered a crosshair to select a region of the screen, and once that is done, Gimp opens up and you can edit the image:

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