Rrod (3 rings of Death) after Mains Power Outage

No. 1 Son came to me yesterday after we had had the smallest of blips on the main power telling me he had the three rings of death on his Xbox. I had heard about this problem and new it could mean a variety of things – the main one being the GPU heatsink. But this didn’t line up with it happening immediately after a power blip.

On investigation we noticed that the power brick was showing a red light (usually shows green when running, and orange when off). So we unplugged it from the mains, left it for five minutes and plugged it back in. Fixed!

Call of Duty / Black Ops / Modern Warfare Disconnecting from Xbox Live on Start Up

Off beat post this.

My sons Xbox started misbehaving the other day, and refused to run the Call of Duty games connected to XBox Live. The games would start up Ok, but then disconnect from XBox Live – not good. Googled a lot but not much out there (a lot about it disconnecting during games but not on start up.)

General advice was to clear the system cache, or wait at the dashboard for a while, open ports on the router, reset the console, recover gamertag, but these didn’t work. Other games like Team Fortress would play OK, though.

Finally I tracked down the solution, which was to set a FIXED IP Address for the XBox on the router. It had been working fine previously on DHCP, but suddenly stopped working. The fixed IP address resolved all the issues on all the games.

I am an utter cult 🙂