Digital Slideshow and Clock – Conky / Lua


It is a disgrace really! I have has this running on an ancient laptop for over three years non stop, and not written it up, even failed to write it up on #! Crunchbang forums, where I got all the help from mrpeachy, Sector11, dk75 and others. Time to put that to rights. What is different about this “one”, you ask? Well, we have two conkys running, they are both in the background, so you still have a fully functional PC if you want to use it, you get sexy rounded corners on your image and a nice big digital purple clock.
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Xubuntu 16.04 – Repair Nvidia Graphics Install

Don’t know / can’t remember exactly what happened but for some reason my proprietary Nvidia driver stopped working, I lost OpenGL, and with that a lot of functionality on the desktop. After living with it for a couple of months, and there are many different solutions to doing it, I finally got around to sorting it out like this: Continue reading

Google Calendar – Add recurring event for “last Friday of each month”

It is not obvious how to do this, you have to use Google “magic”.

Let us say we want to hold a meeting on the last Friday of each month. Using the normal repeating options does not allow for this and will only offer the “fourth Friday each month”, thus missing out the several occasions in the year when there is a fifth Friday in the month

To achieve our goal do as follows: Continue reading

Audi TT 2008 + SRI Service Reset with VCDS

Having purchased my MY2008 Audi TT convertible, and immediately changed the oil and got a new MOT, the “Service Due” light came on. No problem I thought, just some routine fiddling about with the odometer knobs and all will be well. Not so. Audi lock this right down and workshop ready scan tools are required. With an Audi cabriolet also in the stable, finally bit the bullet and bought myself VCDS and cable from ilexa.

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Encoding for youtube

I can never seem to get it right. These two links offer some respite:

Ffmpeg Wiki

Re-encode the video and stream copy the audio. The output should be a similar quality as the input and will hopefully be a more manageable size.

Same as above, but also re-encode the audio instead of stream copying it:

Create a video with a still image (input.png) and an audio file (audio.ogg):

Jernej Virag

W7 to W10 – virtually ;)

Note: Valid at 01/08/2015

When I first got my new desktop machine a couple of years ago, I was a little wary of Windows 8, so I did a dual install of Windows 7 Pro (OEM) as well. Given Xubuntu is my weapon of choice, I had a triple booting machine in the end. Once I sorted Windows 8 out I never went near my Windows 7 install. With the arrival of Windows 10 a few days ago, and with the offer of a free upgrade from Windows 7, it didn’t make much sense to have two installs of the same OS running directly, I therefore looked into virtualising my Windows 7, to then upgrade it to Windows 10, which I could then access directly from within Xubuntu, should I need it. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

My PCSpecialist custom build desktop machine has been sat on my desk for @ 2 years, and starting to get a bit noisy, so time for a spring clean.

Sides off, graphics card out, CPU cooling fan off, case fan off. Left PSU in place.

Crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner, and old camera lens brush, loads of dust/human cells! Used a straw on the end of the crevice tool for awkward corners.

All back together and quiet as a mouse.

Take Screenshot via ssh

A cool little command line or two.

Say you have a remote machine that you can ssh into, it is running an X server, and you want to take a screenshot of what is on screen. You will need imagemagick installed on the remote machine for the import command to work.

1. After you have ssh’d in:

This will save the screenshot to the remote machine’s tmp folder. You will need to scp across to get it!

2. Before ssh’ing

Replace user@remote-host with your details. The image will appear on your PC, you can then save it as required.

Both very cool 🙂