Fullscreen Browser Slideshow with Clock

I have a penchant for making full screen slideshows with a clock on them


This time around I looked to make one up to run on a slghtly higher specced machine, running a GUI, but in a web browser, using php and javascript. The eventual target was an OS called Webconverger because of its ability to just fire up and present in this way. Continue reading

Samsung SGH-E570 Mp3 Filename Size

If you want to copy over loads of mp3s onto a Samsung SGH-E570 mobile phone, using either the in built memory (only 10mb) or using the MicroSD card slot (I have a 2gb in there), you will need to ensure all the mp3 filenames are no longer than 32 characters, otherwise the phone will list them as unknown and refuse to play them. Stupid Samsung!