Audi TT 2008 + SRI Service Reset with VCDS

Having purchased my MY2008 Audi TT convertible, and immediately changed the oil and got a new MOT, the “Service Due” light came on. No problem I thought, just some routine fiddling about with the odometer knobs and all will be well. Not so. Audi lock this right down and workshop ready scan tools are required. With an Audi cabriolet also in the stable, finally bit the bullet and bought myself VCDS and cable from ilexa.

Already have an IIDTool for the Rangie, and you only need a voltmeter on the MG 😉

Set to with VCDS to reset the Service Due and would it heck….

Searched and searched the internet for the answer and finally found it, in all places, on the ilexa website (not on Ross-Tech, or any of the Audi forums, where the only advice was for earlier models, and everyone is a bit of a clever dick about how they did it, without giving all the answers, or just say “use VCDS”!). The earlier 2008 + models have CAN-BUS and do not require the UDS approach.


Advisory, one should always have completed the service routines before resetting!

  1. Fire up VCDS and connect to the car, ignition on fully (engine can be running)
  2. Choose SRI reset from the front screen
  3. Wait until all the scans are completed on the instrument clusters
  4. From the drop down list select a suitable reset routine e.g.
    Fixed Interval (petrol/gasoline) Great Britain
  5. Click perform SRI
  6. Wait until correct values are set
  7. This should complete the process, but if you cycle the ignition off and on, the Service Due light and bong will come back. More is required
  8. You need to repeat the above process twice more:
  9. Select a Time based service (inspection) routine and click perform SRI
  10. Wait until values are set
  11. Select a Mileage (distance) based routine and click perform SRI
  12. Wait until value are set
  13. Cycle the ignition off and on
  14. Hey presto Service Due is gone
  15. Unplug your VCDS cable and get yourself a celebratory drink!

Hope this is useful for others

Now that is done, to really do some damage with the VCDS 🙂

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