Asus EB1012U Nettop with 128GB SSD, 4GB ram and W7/Xubuntu Dual Boot

I saw I could upgrade my Asus EB1012U to an SSD and 4GB ram, so dashed out and bought a Crucial M4 128 gb SSD and the required sticks. Hardware installation was straight forward. (Note the EB1012 is not compatible with SSD’s according to Crucial, you need the “U” at the end.)

I then shoved a W7 DVD in the drive and started the install. Had to do a telephone activation due to changes in hardware (or not using an OEM DVD) but that all went well and installation of W7 went sweetly enough. rebooted a couple of times and did the updates, and then resized the W7 partition. I should have done partitioning first as W7 would only shrink down to 60gb which was a pita, I was hoping for 35/40gb. Anyway, can easily use the spare space for some data storage.

Next I booted up with Xubuntu Desktop 12.04, partitioned the rest of the sapce for the install and storage, and left that to run. Grub installed then rebooted and tested that both Xubuntu and W7 would boot up. Fine, no problems.

First Day Assessment:

Boot times Comparison

W7 Before: To Login 70secs, To usable desktop 60secs,
TOTAL = 130secs

W7 After: To Login 62secs, To usable desktop 25secs,
TOTAL = 87secs

Xub Before: To Login 41secs, To usable desktop 11secs,
TOTAL = 52secs

Xub After: To Login 20secs, To usable desktop 8secs,
TOTAL = 28secs

W7 is pretty zippy, for a 1.6 mHz co processor simple tasks such as opening windows and applications are almost instant. Have to see how things are once I have it loaded up with software. 8/10

Xubuntu feels not as fast as W7 ( I have done the discard thing in fstab for TRIM) but certainly handles file management better. 7/10

Have a few more days of configuration a setup to go…….

OK, it’s been a couple of weeks now on the SSD and extra RAM, everything has settled down. Can’t say that speed has improved all that much, but it is definitely a smoother experience than before. Not given things the boost I had hoped for with Xubuntu, but perhaps that is the nature of the beast that it was already going as fast as it could. Not really stressed the W7 install, so must try that out. I am guessing the bottleneck is now in the PC hardware CPU and between SSD and the rest.

Ran the hdparm -t /dev/sda test on the machine both with the original HDD and the SSD to see the read performance of the SSD vs HDD

SSD: 724mb in 3.00 seconds = 240.97 MB/sec

HDD: 236mb in 3.00 seconds = 78.63 MB/sec

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